personalised dog walking service gold coast

Are you a new pet parent with a young puppy waiting at home that needs a toilet break? Or perhaps you have an older dog and you’re worried that they might be lonely, destroying the house or upsetting the neighbours with constant barking?

Our Pop-In & Play pet sitting visits are perfect for puppies and dogs that could do with some extra love, play and attention when you’re not at home. They’re designed to provide cuddles and companionship to your pets, while also easing any potential stress and worry that you, as a new pet parent, may sometimes feel. 

What’s Included?

In-home play and interaction

Feeding and topping up water bowls

Outside toilet break and cleaning of any indoor accidents

Reinforcing basic training commands

Administering medication, if required

Regular updates and photos

POP-IN & PLAY Prices

25 Min

dog walking prices brisbane


60 Min

dog walking prices brisbane



dog walking prices brisbane


Prices are exclusive of GST. 

For longer hourly care, we charge $45 + GST for the first hour and $36 + GST every following hour (minimum 3 hour booking). 

If you are not located in one of our usual service areas, you may be charged a small additional fee. 

Add-On Services

dog poo pickup service


As the name suggests, we pick up your dog’s poop! If you’re short on time, and can’t get round to scooping the poop, we can add on this service following your dog’s walk. We can also hose down any stained concrete or grass to help remove the smell.


Weekly Booked Scoops – $20.00

Per Extra Dog – $5.00

dog wash service

Backyard Dog Wash

If you want your pup smelling fresh and clean after their walk, choose our quick backyard dog wash. We’ll give your pup a thorough wash with Dr Zoo’s natural calming shampoo, followed by a towel dry and brush. If you’d prefer to supply your own shampoo and conditioner, just let us know.


Small Dog – $20.00

Medium Dog – $25.00

Large Dog – $30.00

Per Extra Dog – $10.00

dog walking treats


Has your dog got the post-walk munchies? After their walk, you have the option of adding on a long-lasting, dried treat that will keep their bellies full for a little while longer. Options include: Beef Jerky Strips, Sheep’s Ear , Dried Green-Lipped Mussels, Moo Tubes & Dried Chicken Necks


$2.00 – $4.00