Worried about leaving your dog alone at night whilst you’re away? Or perhaps you have a puppy that needs constant care? Rather than sending your pet to a kennel or cattery, one of our team members can stay overnight in your home. We offer a couple different packages, allowing you to choose what is ideal for you and your pet. 

We wake up when they wake up, they can eat breakfast out of their own bowl, play in their own backyard, walk around their own neighbourhood, and sleep in their own bed. Our house sitting service helps minimise any stress and anxiety that your pet may otherwise experience in another home or location. 

Overnight stays in your home are also often a more affordable alternative to boarding multiple pets in a kennel or cattery. 

What’s Included?

All of our overnight stay packages include the following:

Daily dog walk

Daily feeding and cleaning + topping up of water bowls 

Dog waste collection and cleaning of cat litter trays

Backyard play time

Medication administration, if needed

Lots of cuddles, love and attention

Regular updates and photos (always!)

Free home services such as bringing in the mail, bins and watering plants

Complimentary meet and greet to discuss all the nitty gritty details before you leave.


Overnight Stay Packages

dog poo pickup service

Option 1:
The Independent Pup

Our team member arrives at your home between 4:00 – 6:30pm and departs between 6:30 – 8:30am the following day, as a minimum (many of our team members try and stay throughout the day, when possible). This is perfect for pets that are used to their owner’s typical 9-5 work schedule and are content with companionship in the evenings and early morning.


$95.00 per night

dog wash service


Similar to Option 1, our team member also arrives at your home between 4:00 – 6:30pm and departs between 6:30 – 8:30am the following day. However, this package also includes an additional midday drop-in visit and/or dog walk. This is ideal for pets that need that could do with some additional care throughout the day.


$130.00 – $145.00 per night & day drop-in visit or walk

dog walking treats

Option 3:
The Anxious Puppy

Our team members stays with your pet(s) for most hours of the day and night. This is suited to pets that require more frequent companionship and supervision, typically for young puppies or senior pets.


Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Package TERMS

Prices are exclusive of GST. 

Additional $5.00 + GST fee for 3 or more pets.

If you are not located in one of our usual service areas, you may be charged a small additional fee. 


Fabulous job

Jane Andersen (Brisbane)

Thank you to Emily who looked after our 8 month old English Bulldog Winston last night so we could go to a family function. It was the first time we have left him with someone non-family, and after looking at all the options of getting some help we decided to engage Happy Hounds as we had everything set up at home that he needs and not be anxious. Emily did a fabulous job with the overnight stays and Natalie made the process so easy that we have booked again. Thank you so much, we’re so grateful for this fabulous service